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Royal Family KIDS 

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Royal Family Kids Camps are the primary and original ministry supported by Kings for the Kids. Royal Family Kids Camps put on several local week long camps for children currently in the foster system with the commitment to treat every child like Royalty. Kings for the Kids passion is foster children and the monies raised from this tournament go a long ways towards supporting a local northwest camp.

  • VISION Every foster child, ages 6-12, experiences a life-changing camp, club and mentor.
  • MISSION Create life-changing moments for children of abuse.
  • PURPOSE Mobilize the faith community to confront child abuse. STRATEGY Launch and sustain camps, clubs and mentors.
  • VALUES Treat People Royally Keep Moving Forward Make Moments Matter

Current Incidents of Abuse or Neglect

  • 184 - Mental Injury
  • 906 - Sexual Abuse
  • 977 - Physical Abuse
  • 4,929 - Neglect
  • 7,288 - Threat of Harm

The average number of days a child spends in foster care is 457.

  • Clackamas County has 387 children in foster care.
  • Washington County has 754 children in foster care.
  • Multnomah County has 2,037 children in foster care.
  • This adds up to 3,178 children in the tri-county area.
  • The Tri-County area accounts for 35% of the total number of children in the Oregon foster care system.

Where children go after foster care

  • .8% - Living with Relative
  • 5.1% - Guardianship
  • 5.8% - Emancipation
  • 17.9% - Adoption
  • 64.1% - Reunification
  • 6.3% - Other